To worry or not to worry

Exhibitions, Philosophy, Soul searching

Take away from me

This heavy weight

Of thought

Let me laugh at

The perils of men

Instead of worry

About the hearts

And minds

(Me 2006)

'Atlas 2006'

It is hard to fit all this blogging in now it’s the summer months and we are out and about. Lots of birthday parties and school visits has meant I haven’t had much spare time. So for the moment I will just put these small little ‘bite size’ bits in. The philosophy of this piece is about all that time we spend worrying about what others think instead of just ‘getting on’ with things.

I used to spend so much time worrying…worry worry worry. I have with the help of three things been able to stop that ‘worry’ and be much more proactive in my thought process. I feel i now have a clear head instead of wandering around in a cloud of fog. I wish sometimes i had mastered this skill much earlier in life….who knows what use I could have put my mind to! At the end of the day what will be will be. Maktub!

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