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'Arabesque from below'

Arabesque ; The name has multi-importance in our household. This is the last piece that was in the exhibition and in many ways the most important. Firstly it is an important islamic art style, you can see plenty in Morocco and a better explanation in the blog of a dear friend who lives there. Arabesque art consists of a series of repeating geometric forms and hence the name of this piece.

In 2008 we bought and named our business ARABESQUE , (link to website which will be ready shortly) both of us claiming that we had that light bulb moment of thinking of the name, neither of us can actually remember who thought of it, but it was very fitting. Actually it is the 3 year anniversary of opening this month as well as being 8 years since we first met!

My husband  listens to his friends radio programme called Arabesque, it’s in arabic, if you can’t understand the lingo just listen to the  music  it’s on this Sunday at 1pm, it is a wonderful blend .

The connection between these is not only the name but the inspiration; ‘Egyptian European’ I would describe it as. In this piece the obvious repeated pyramid and the obelisk form are both egyptian in design and heritage. The fact that most of Egypt’s obelisks are dotted around Europe provokes an interesting debate about where countries history should be kept                                                                                and preserved!?

'Arabesque in situ'

'Close up on Arabesque'

If I am remembering correctly it was one of the first of the steel sculptures to be made. The vision is that it could be made on so many scales and have an impact on the landscape around it. It has also been in another exhibition where it was exhibited outdoor, but it could be made much larger. It is also a kind of homage to industrial architecture and construction and coincidentally when in London for the Art in Mind exhibition he took a picture which demonstrates this, you’d think the photo came before the sculpture. I will try to get that photo uploaded at a later date.

So, I need to upload this as I have been dipping in and out all week.

We have a few more projects in the pipe line and more sculptures to come. Happy Friday!

'Arabesque in exhibition SAP 09

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