Selling ‘You’, Self-reflection

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This piece entitled ‘You’ was also in the exhibition and SOLD ! So we are very excited. It is currently being collected by courier and off to a new home.

The outline of face, a portrait in many ways, made of mirrored steel; it reflects the space it occupies and also the viewer, consequently when you look at it you see yourself. The philosophy therefore is about self-reflection. “The self is an individual person as the object of his or her own reflective consciousness” (Wikipedia).

This follows on quite nicely from my last blog about what our weakness are and how far we would/could go to get the things we want. We often judge others but how often do we look at ourselves and change, really take time to self evaluate and improve.

The topic of ‘Self’ is a huge one and often discussed in psychological and philosophical debates. The ‘self’ can be described as “the organized, consistent, conceptual gestalt composed of perceptions of the characteristics of the “I” or “me” and the perceptions of the relationships of the “I” or “me” to others and to various aspects of life, together with the values attached to these perceptions”. (Rogers, 1959)

Are we ever aware of how other’s really see us? What they think about us? Does it matter?

We often rarely see our own faces. I have been aware that looking at my husband is more like seeing myself than at my own reflection. There is a theory that couples do start to look like each other as they get older – how does that happen!? The way we behave does have an impact on others, especially those we live with. ‘Children learn what they live’, ‘Actions speak louder than words’, our behaviour is reflected on those around us and reflects back on us.

You have an idea of how things should be in the world and how you should be in the world. This is mixed up with your own personality and specific events making up what you think is ‘you’ and your world. It can be similar to your neighbour or very different.

” If you desire to know reality you must know yourself. You are the key, the only key to reality. You are nothing but a mirror of reality. It is enough to reflect…..~”

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