The key hole

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The Keyhole

The Keyhole

The Keyhole

This piece is currently on show in the exhibition which is on until the end of this weekend.

The philosophy behind this is quite apt considering something which happened this week which made me think more about the idea.

What’s your weakness? What would you do in order to get something you wanted or needed?

This week I was so convinced of something coming through for my son which didn’t. It made me wonder what you would do if you really wanted to fight for something.

The point of this piece then, is that sex has become a key to a lot of things. It is and has a big impact in today’s society. We may think we have overcome certain limitations imposed in the past but have we? really? Magazines are constantly writing articles about dieting, fashion, sexuality, relationships and at the same time padding out their volumes with adverts and promotions with highly made up, airbrushed and toned young women. Open the newspaper and see an image of a naked woman. Sex sells, to both male and female.

Then there is the topic of sexuality, which is so much more overtly displayed now, so openly spoken about. Where has our innocence, our modesty, our self-respect gone?

Money and power have and still are objects of desire but in today’s society, sex is the weakness and the strongest drive in humanity.

I am trying to recall the conversation my husband and I had about this piece when he was explaining it to me, something along the lines of; Everyone has a key holder with a bunch of key’s on it. There will be one key which the key holder will be able to unlock the door to something. Look at Clinton, he had power and money, what was his weakness.

Everyone has their key and their key hole.

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