Reviewing and Reuniting

Exhibitions, Relationships

My Husband at the opening of the exhibition, one of his pieces in the foreground

Opening night

My Husband at the opening

I was going to try to have ‘sculpture’ only images but it is hard not to put these images in as they give a flavour of ‘Opening night’. It also means I can review so far without going into too much detail about the individual pieces. My husband has been talking non stop about it and all his ideas about the next step. His work was really well accepted and appreciated. He met lots of interesting and creative people. He received positive feedback and that has been so encouraging and a boost to source the next show….(offers of Milan and New York!) One step at a time! Managers of the bronze age foundry (where he had visited in the afternoon) attended and were interested to see his none bronze work and have been really helpful in suggesting some other galleries and spaces to contact.

The space was in all honestly a bit limiting for sculpture, there wasn’t the ability to take a 360 degree view of the work which each piece definitely needs to appreciate fully. There were certain things missing which we in the North of England assumed would be in place in a gallery in London but I don’t want to be too disparaging and critical. There were things we didn’t do and have learnt to do for next time. It is always a learning experience and this was just the start. So we need to plan where next; how to get more exhibitions, more coverage, more work ready to show.

I was going to write a little about reuniting in relation to the fact that we had been apart and come back together. My point being that recently I have had a few interesting conversations with woman who have husbands who work away for chunks of time and are then at home for longer periods, others who work away during the week and then return at the weekend. Some couples rarely have a night apart. Also, with children in the mix it is hard to have time just to be a couple sometimes and it is good to take time to ‘reunite’ and review together where you are at and where you are going. We have said it was such a shame that I couldn’t have been with him. Hearing all about his trip has been wonderful and I can imagine having been there sharing the moment. However, I have been very happy at home with the boys. When I was younger I used to think you had to find someone to walk on the same path as you. Now older and married I have learnt the beauty of a relationship is that you can be like two birds flying over different planes and pastures and reunite and share the different views you have experienced.

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