In preparation…


Section of Sculpture 'Arabesque'

‘Being prepared’ has a kind of military connotation about it. For somethings it is important to be prepared, perhaps for most things. Those in school preparing for upcoming exams, at work with presentations, spiritual preparation, child-birth, moving house, getting married in sport physical and mental preparation is so important. It was the Oxford v Cambridge boat race at the weekend which always makes me hanker over my rowing days. The preparation was immense. I think it has so far been the only time when I have really prepared for anything. So where am i going with this?

My husband is in ‘preparation’ for his exhibition in London April 13th – 25th. He is busy getting sculptures finished but also I feel he is ‘mentally’ preparing, actually it is effecting his whole mood! There is also the logistics of getting the pieces down there and in situ.

The images here are of a past exhibition and a section of a piece that will be in the new exhibition. It is amazing how the position, lighting and surrounding space of an exhibition all makes a difference. Also, the advertising and publicity of bringing people together to see the works; the preparation! So what ever you are working towards at the moment think about your preparation. “I will prepare and someday my chance will come.”
— Abraham Lincoln (Chance or Fate!? see previous post)

'Exhibition 2006'

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