Chances and Change

Making, Soul searching

Change, does us good. Moving around the furniture, getting rid of things we don’t need. I don’t always like it, we are such a disposable society, easily throwing things away that some one else could happily make use. Everything has it’s life span, I guess.We can be nostalgic but we don’t always need to hold on to everything to make us remember. We’ve been having a spring clean and it’s good for the house and soul!

The images below of the thinker is an older piece and we no longer have. It was a realisation of an idea, a physical sketchbook piece if you like. As he moves through life different materials and sources become available, by natural change and chance!

Do you believe it Fate? That life is meant to be? Or does life happen by chance!?

My husband’s life has been mapped out with twists and turns so dramatic that his life is almost a visual picture of fate – ‘maktub’. A few big things are coming up one of which is an exhibition in London, which I will write more about soon. I have finally finished the Artist Statement you can take a look, as it is now up on the blog on its own page. Hopefully this will be a chance for people to physically view his new work.

'The Thinker'

'The Thinker'

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