Hearts & Minds or (Heart versus Mind)

Making, Soul searching



There seems to be an unprecedented occurence of natural disasters and man created ones happening at the moment. The damage that these are causing both physically to the world and then traumatically to human kind is sometimes beyond belief. We all make difficult journeys in our lives, situations that come along to test us; some more than others. We all carry scars, things that we lose that we don’t forget, can’t forget, these can take things from us that we can’t replace. We can still be whole, still ensure that the essence of our human nature remains in tact. This is the philosophy behind this piece.

I think it was a challenge for my husband about ‘how to’ create this, he had the idea for a while. The process was a little more elaborate than with other pieces, the thought process, the preparation, the technique was deliberated over. Perhaps more visibly so for me than other works. There is also the view from the side that looks like the brain. This has made me think about the brain versus the mind and has made me remember some of what I studied whilst doing my psychology degree. We use so little of our brain. All the man-made disasters makes me think how we don’t use our brains. How we don’t mind the suffering or the damage that is caused. We are often so unable to put ourselves in the position of another, to understand another view-point.

However, I have noticed looking at the view from the front, over the nose there is a heart. In my opinion, we should use our hearts more than brains. There lies the ultimate dichotomy in human beings, there is so much compassion, care and understanding. I think it’s our ‘heart’ that makes us human.

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