Mother and Child, Soul searching

'Mother & Child'

'Mother & Child'













In thinking about the philosophy of my husband’s work, we discussed the strength of a sculpture and the durabitlity over time. I learnt that he sees in outlines, that he is creating outlines, playing with the way we see backgrounds and shapes or perhaps more importantly how we don’t and so making that the subject. It is abstracting the 3D form back to the simple aspects of line, form, shadow, shape.

This ‘Mother and Child’ sculpture is a good example of that abstraction, simplification and strength of line and boldness of form. In ‘Motherhood’ we have to have strength for so many reason, the initial pregnancy and birth and then throughout our children’s lives.

One of my best friends is in the midst of a life changing decision. She needs to find her inner strength in order to help her process all the thoughts she is having. We all have it, an inner strength, but sometimes we need a certain situation to bring our strength of character into being. In the past I thought being strong meant hardness, resilience, a kind of coldness. It can mean those things but if we are strong within our beautiful frame the delicate nature of some characteristics can strengthen, then we can withstand all sorts that life throws at us.

One thought on “Strength

  1. Loving the blog. It’s always interesting knowing how others see the world around them. May be you could do something about the boys (the younger ones) and their relationship with each other, a bit on siblings. A very under-rated but yet powerful tie 🙂

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