Making, Mother and Child, Soul searching

These two pieces can at first seem abstract, and that in itself is a subject. They highlight a theme of shadow and light, positive and negative space which is a theme that runs throughout the work. If you look at the positive space, the fluidity and smoothness is remarkable considering these were both made in clay just by hands and were then cast in resin. The negative space is even more interesting, a pervading theme of Mother and Child appears…

It has been important for me to look at these, as it has emphasised what we talked about just last night in preparation for writing an Artist’s statement. I really need to get more organised in so many areas of my life. I think I am very much in between on a scale of ‘organised’ and ‘going with the flow’. Occasionally I have times of extreme organisation and then happy to just let things be, but in between I am constantly berating myself for not being more organised or not being more able to let things be. The never-ending circle of daily jobs, the constant flow of thought and emotions, the movement from one task to another. There is obviously so much benefit in having a routine and organised approach to daily life but then ‘life’, the beauty of it, is the randomness, spontaneity? Argh! I am going around in circles. Which is why these sculptures, actually almost calm me down in looking at them.

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