Friendship & Perspectives

Beautiful Bronze

'The Missing'

We have missed the sunshine for the last few days, it has felt like it was constantly raining. Such is the English weather. Our Swiss/Egyptian friends were staying with us gave us a holiday from our usual routine. The smell of coffee filled the house, we had the Egyptian news on in the background, a number of languages being batted about and various discussions alongside eating far too much food!

It always amazes me how we are all the same in so many ways but can lead such different lives, have alternative viewpoints. I used to think we should look for friendship in people who were the same as ourselves. However, the beauty of friendship is to gain from someone else what we lack in ourselves and appreciate what we have. We can’t have it all and sometimes others can play out another lifestyle for us. It’s important to spend time with others to listen to another point of view, understand that our way is not the only way. I felt a loss as we waved them goodbye, but now it’s a time to be on our own again to reflect.

The sun has ironically come out now they have gone  and I had my wisdom tooth extracted this afternoon. I was so nervous. I was asked by the dentist if I wanted to keep it but I decided not to. The idea felt at first like a piece of me was going to be missing. At the moment my mouth aches and something inside the cavity is annoying. It will soon heal over and hopefully my discomfort will go. Sometimes we need a little pain, a little missing, in our life in order to understand the comfort. A different perspective on things can only make us stronger.

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