The Process



Sometimes with ‘Art’ it’s easy to think, I could do that and it is great to encourage the artist within us. I do like to believe we can all create something. However, talent is something different and each one of us has their own. My husband is talented. An extremely talent sculptor. I can see it just watching him make and create. He makes it seem easy which is often the way when you watch a professional do anything they are accomplished at. Give me a piece of clay and I can play with it, but to make the pieces he does with his hands and sometimes the odd wooden tool it is truly amazing to watch. He has very traditional methods of making as well as using new ones. I am intending to explore and discuss all of this over the up and coming blogs. For the moment, I am just trying out bite sizes of blogging to get a feel myself of the clay I am working with…technology! not so natural but my own little bit of creativity!

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