Celebrating and Connecting

History, Philosophy, Public Art, Relationships

'Ceremony of unveiling'

'Have a little faith' sculpture in situ

'Dedication plaque'

'able to see our reflection within the human figure'

Sunday marked the 300 year anniversary of Sutton Baptist Church and my husband dedicated a sculpture to mark, ‘not only a 300 year building but the faith which unites us despite differences’. The reaction of the crowd was superb and I felt so proud. Inside the church was a display of old pictures and articles. I was surprised to learn that before the ‘new build’ had been a huge and impressive building that had been knocked down in the 70’s due to dry rot! Not something that would happen today. I had forgotten the connections between the Baptist church and my project before children ‘Glusburn Institute‘. Some of our sculptures were photographed in what was the Baptist chapel, part of the Institute. This closed as a chapel and amalgamated with the Sutton church to become South Craven Baptist Church. We knew many people who had turned out for the occasion, some coming especially to see the sculpture and other because of the connections that come with being part of village community life. That is the beauty of living in rural England, there is still a sense of a community spirit.

As was highlighted in the opening speeches that the sculpture was there to celebrate the church in modern society and draw attention to historic references. Therefore, blending past and future together and uniting generations in faith

Very much affected by the current climate, the situation in the Middle East and the negative attention on Islam my husband wanted to is to emphasise the similarities in faith, which unite us. The partnership goes beyond our differences and looks to peace

‘As an artist you have the unique position to be able to make a visual statement that can hopefully make an impact on society. In the 21st century surrounded by all this architecture and technology this sculpture is made from these materials, stainless and polished steel appeared to be perfect materials to use for this project.

So we celebrated another achievement and wondered how the local paper had managed to get such a bizarre picture of my husband! It was certainly not one we had given them and not one we have any idea where it was taken. The radio was discussing the role of Facebook and the new concept of a timeline in which images can be uploaded in sequential order and how we are self creating big brother. The new generation happily share information much more readily on the web but there is a worry about how that can backfire. As I write that, I realise the pros and cons of this post digital age, after all 10 years ago I wouldn’t have been sat here writing my own blog for all to see….

I suppose as long and we can continue to celebrate and connect with each other in a positive way it can be an effective tool. As with everything, like my dad says, ‘in moderation’ and for me as long as we ‘have a little faith’ and we don’t lose that sense of community and faith then we can continue to strive for a better future.