Portugal with Art Catto

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When I was younger, I think I had the illusion that if you find yourself a mate you would then happily sit in a nest together looking out at the world. However, that isn’t what I have found to be true and not what has worked for me. For us, we fly down different valleys and then return to the nest to share tales of what we have seen and heard. That way, we see more of the world and are able to share a nest as well.

When the sculptor goes gallivanting off to sunny shores for exhibitions I really don’t have any desire to go with him. Over the past few years he has been to South Africa, Germany, Belgium and several trips to London. Perhaps, once the boys are older and no longer have the same need for me, I might go but whilst they are still young I’d rather be with them as an anchor. I am not sure how honest this is. However, he is there to work not to holiday. Also, because we work together it is actually quite good to get a little break! Actually, I think I would like to go on my own solo holiday and I have been reading about how for some women this is really important. I do think I perhaps should have spent more time on self care when the boys were smaller. However, I think this has only become a really ‘buzz’ concept over the last couple of years.

When it comes to travelling my husband and I have very different approaches which doesn’t make it the most relaxing of experiences for me. At these exhibition openings he is there for a purpose. He needs to be able to mingle and chat and he does so apparently with ease but he gets so so nervous before hand. On this trip he met a variety of people from all walks of life and he tells me everything in such detail, he is full of stories on his return. It is quite amazing to think of a young boy from a small village in northern Egypt now taking his work from the UK to Portugal. This collection of work is from the ‘Only Human’ collection and is presented by Art Catto at the Conrad hotel, Algarve.

The colours of the sculpture look awesome against the blue sky and green foliage. A true picture of summer. Meanwhile, whilst the sculptor was there struggling in the heat. I was running the shop, which actually is relatively straight forward with the addition of two boys as it was half term holidays and zero sunshine. My youngest, very active boy kept himself busy using a display fake peach, from the fruit bowl, as a football and scuffing all the plinths needless to say I didn’t keep the shop open for long. Except for a day when my parents took them to York for the day I had peace and quiet in the shop. So we survived and the week went past quite quickly. Interestingly, I had a fleeting moment before he went that I wouldn’t be able to do it all. I quickly realised that this was ridiculous and that I was more than capable of being able to do it all. I have been reading and listening to various things recently that confirm that what you are thinking and believing has so much impact on what happens. On the flip side of that, I had lots of ideas of what I would do whilst I had the evenings to myself but none of them really happened and I missed the sculptor more than I would admit. He is back now and the next project is Liverpool plinth….exciting stuff!


Finding butterflies

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Overwhelmed, by seemingly everything at the moment is how I am feeling and yet I know I should be grateful that in so many ways my life is relatively straightforward. The summer holidays passed in a flash and whilst I was more mindful to enjoy the moments with the boys, I was still relieved some what to parcel them back to school this week. Although this gives me a little more time, the activities we are involved in and school work resuming seems it’s just one hectic life for another. I need to find my butterfly wings and aim for feeling less defeated.

The time with the boys has distracted and separated me from the world of art a little and I have missed a few scoops which occurred over the holidays with little time to blog. So here is one: We woke on August 3rd in the morning to receive several messages that my husband had coverage of his name and work on the morning breakfast show. His work got really good coverage and the weather reporter mentioned his name twice The reporter seemed to really like the butterflies and the colours of his work. Here is the best clip we got, doesn’t have it all but it was so exciting.

Defeated Butterflies in Doddington Hall, Lincoln. Coverage on BBC breakfast news.


Season’s Greetings

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I thought that once both boys were in school I would have more time to write, but it seems I have had more time to do everything else and even less time to write! I think this term has seen less entries than ever (not that I am counting). The art work keeps being produced by the ever busy sculptor. More meetings and contacts keep being made, making it a little confusing to know in what direction we are heading and who we need to help us. In some cases it is really clear and in others it’s hard to know who is taking the benefit.



The temperature dropped last week and so the sculptor is starting to freeze. However, we are all a little giddy at the moment getting ready for a first big holiday to Egypt in four years. In fact, the last time we were away was when I hatched the idea for this blog. This week I have been writing various emails and on the notice we’ve put on the shop door adding “Seasons Greetings”. My husband asked me what it meant…. I was a little stumped. It is of course a spoken or written greeting commonly used before or during the Christmas holiday. Then, true to form with my grammatical errors I discovered  it isn’t seasons greetings, it’s ‘season’s greetings’. In Western cultures the late autumn and early winter contain a number of holidays associated with the ideals of peace, plenty, the joy of family and friends and the spread of goodwill and understanding. Season’s Greetings is a phrase which encompass all of this as wish of all these good things from the speaker to the person they are addressing.


‘The Studio’

4 years writing and 4 years of waiting to return to the waters of the Nile, we fly of to Africa where we will be saying ” greetings of peace” to people. I wish you all a ‘Happy Holiday’ and greetings of peace, joy and goodwill and many thanks for reading this journal of sorts over the last 4 years.


‘New work, part of collection – more about it in 2015’