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'The Question'

‘The Question’









I feel there is so much I could write with this post. We are constantly asking questions. This piece is the human question but from one angle is an exclamation, which I love, I always over use exclamation marks!!!!

Already this morning I have the question in my mind of whether the boys are ok at school and preschool as I felt I literally dropped them there in mid air rushing off to the next drop off and to the shop. I was asked the question at pre school of how to spell the name of the Egyptian bread I went in to make . So I have text my sister-in-law to ask for the spelling. I wondered if the milk is off, when I got to the shop this morning as with no fridge the milk has been left on the side. The question of whether my husband will get the train to London and have his meeting ok.

My eldest is at that questionable age,  ‘Do all pengiuns look the same?’ ‘Do animals look the same in the next world?’ and so many more just in the car on the way to school. Or the fact that our little boys keeps asking my husband “Can I tell you a question, Baba?! He is copying his older brother who is constantly saying, ‘Can I tell you a joke’ or ‘asking a question’, in a cute little voice he morphs the two. My deeply philosohical husband this morning was observing that our youngest is no longer a baby and and we are not going to be around when he is old. That means we are dying, he said, not literally but yes depressing as it is on this misty mid week morning we are all a little closer to death. That is the ultimate question.

What are you questioning today?