The Owl Challenge

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Mr. Owl


So from the heights of previews and openings in London to the day-to-day drawings at home with his boys. Today’s challenge from our eldest son was to draw an owl never seen before. Even I had ago! (though I am not going to upload my drawings on here) This mixes the cartoon designer, the interest in fashion and the conceptual sculptural ideas all in one sketch! Happy sketching:)

Snow ‘Sculpture’ Man

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So the boys are either blessed or disadvantaged to have a father as a sculptor when it comes to making a snowman. However, I must say I have seen some amazing works of art posted on Facebook of  what I presume must be parents constructions from the snow. The boys were given their little tasks or packing and tapping into shape. There was a little dispute over the hat choice. Wonder if you can guess who it was who chose this one, Father or Son? I think if we had been in a garden or field rather than a yard we may have had a more stunning result. It is also far too cold for the Egyptian though. This was impressive enough and is still standing. We did all ventured for a sledge afterwards and then warmed up with soup. Super.

Father & Son

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'The solar system'

'Solar system'

One happy little boy took his ‘Solar system’ sculpture into school this morning. The perks of having Baba as a Sculptor is that Mummy’s more primary school approach to making planets got taken over into a more ‘professional’ approach. Fun was had in trying to find the right size balls. Makes a good guessing game as to what we have used! Result : rather impressive looking planet model and a 4-year-old who knows the planet order by heart. One anxious husband preparing for some gallery visits and interviews. First stop, Switzerland.