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Just noticed that SHE is the first three letters of SHENDI, which has nothing to do with the name of the exhibition. Shendi is the name of a town in northern Sudan, situated on the east bank of the Nile River 150 km northeast of Khartoum. I don’t know if the family name traces back to the town but it does have a certain ring to it. When I first met my husband my brother was only 14 and took it on as a nickname, not quite sure exactly why. I debated for a while about taking the name on, in Egypt woman don’t take the husband’s name, they keep their father’s name. All to do with lineage rather than belonging to a man, fascinating.

The exhibition  is simply ‘SHE’ as in, female, woman, girl. It is a joint exhibition with the delicate painter  Anu Samarüütel which nicely compliments the solid sculptures of ‘Shendi. My husband went to set up today on this sunny day after a busy day. I will upload some of the set up pictures on my new facebook page ‘The Sculptors Wife’. The colour used by both artists is uplifting and cheerful. Anu has strong links with fashion and design as does my husband’s work. I hope I can get over and see it, the exhibition will run for  a month at Red Brick Mill, Batley.

red she

‘The Keyhole man’ guarding the door for the SHE exhibition!

The Owl Challenge

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Mr. Owl


So from the heights of previews and openings in London to the day-to-day drawings at home with his boys. Today’s challenge from our eldest son was to draw an owl never seen before. Even I had ago! (though I am not going to upload my drawings on here) This mixes the cartoon designer, the interest in fashion and the conceptual sculptural ideas all in one sketch! Happy sketching:)


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It’s London Fashion week, (so probably also in New York too..right?) I wouldn’t have known except for making the connection between the title of my husbands group exhibition this coming week. (Preview this evening) It’s just fashion baby, get over it! on at the Interchange Gallery London. There is a merging of fashion and art and also a dividing. The vocabulary, the networking, the ambition, the ‘worlds’ that fashion and art seem to create; a parallel reality. Like the way of life in London in comparison with Yorkshire.

My husband just called to tell me all about the preview, the setting was an exclusive hairdressers where he was shocked to see that a man’s hair cut would cost practically 10 times what it would do here. The vast difference between city and rural Yorkshire prices. Left wondering what they would do with his closely cut crop…he asked if there would there be a discount??? (Not that he was getting a cut this evening) Hard to imagine how an exhibition works in an alternative setting but it seems very much in vogue at the moment. The chatter and the buzz I could hear behind him, the hive of activity of cafe and restaurants open also contrasts with the silence I hear outside. Lots of men in suits he observed (perhaps those are the ones affording the overpriced coiffure cuts and most probably many people dressed in high fashion, affording it at what cost?

Think I would look a bit odd going to my play in the wood sessions in a Maria Grachvogel pair of trousers!

( The Girl Next Door )

Dress Code

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‘Wordless, Part of the Keyhole Family collection’


I read something today that was stating that when it comes to fashion men either give credit to their wives picking it out for them or it happened by accident, they have no relationship with what they are wearing. In America if someone is well dressed they would say, is he gay or is he British? Apparently British Men are more dapper !?

Well, what about an Egyptian born British Sculptor, whose wife is certainly not dressing him. Last night he was in ‘atypical male fashion’ having a dilemma about what to take with him to London. Hope he won’t mind me for saying this, it resulted in, a ridiculously big bag, in my opinion being taken out of the cupboard so that all options could be taken. All this is quite absurd to me, who perhaps conversely is a untypical woman, but also spending most of my days bumbling around with children in Yorkshire. I am not overly offay with the fashion world (perhaps a little more so since being married to someone who is) however it is not a preoccupation of mine. I spent a very happy three years at University in rowing gear which for me was comfy but also carried the street cred without having to worry about it. I look back at my early twenties and half think, what was I thinking, why wasn’t I interested in shopping. However, it is very different for woman there is so much more wrapped up within the fabric of ‘dressing’ (That’s another blog). I am now learning there is a lot to dress code, in the sense that there does need to be a certain degree of dressing well. People do make judgements, rightly or wrongly. First impressions do count. There is no point in still throwing on the comfy jumper that has been washed endlessly it no longer has a shape…is there? You never know who you might bump into.

So in trying to get to the bottom of my husbands concerns about ‘what to wear’ I asked him what the dilemma was exactly.As I write, he is at BIB&SOLA (which I blogged about yesterday) upmarket event at Mayfair.

So, my husband said there was a need to be looking both smart for the collectors but without looking like a ‘banker’ and with a fashion edge to relate to the arty types. Then, tomorrow night he is at the young master’s auction in Kings Road, the space is tight and so it’s going to be hot, people need to be smart but cool, as there isn’t going to be the space people will be more face to face talking than physically observing. He was thinking of all the variations, scenarios, impressions…even down to the facial hair and the hats I may add. Shoes…well, trust me it is not just woman who like shoes.

It would appear ones dress code is an art itself. I began to see why he needed his wardrobe with him. If he wasn’t a Sculptor, he could be someone’s personal shopper. I don’t know whether it is the eye for what goes together in the 3D form or the eye for design but it’s great to take him shopping. Wonder what he is wearing….