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“It’s so exciting” my boy said this morning, “isn’t it exciting, don’t you think it’s exciting, Mama”? He was speaking about the beautiful heavy falling snow. It wasn’t so exciting to start sliding on the hill home. So I parked at the bottom of the hill with a car full of huge shopping bags and then had to heave them up the hill with a toddler. However, it was a bit of an adventure. It was so exciting to go sledging with my eldest boy, just the two of us this evening after school. I wondered if he was overly excited but would get too nervous about doing it but in true child like spirit, he laid on the sledge and away he went. Fearless at falling off and eager to find the best positions. I suddenly had inspiration and got on to and then we were heading down the hill formula one style (almost!) It was great fun!


We got this through today, exciting! However, we are knotting ourselves up with nerves, excitement,hope and worry. I say ‘we’ as I feel I have been infected with anticipation. Gone, has the child like fearlessness. We are sledging into the unknown. If you are in London then do please drop in and take a look. After all, “it is so exciting”.


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To follow-up Monday’s interview and my french translation entry on Debut, ‘Euphoria’ comes from Ancient Greek. Technically, euphoria is an affect, but the term is often used to define an emotion as, an ‘intense state of transcendent happiness combined with an overwhelming sense of contentment’. It has also been defined as an “affective state of exaggerated well-being or elation.” (Wikipedia).I have just jumped up and down for 10 minutes making a strange kind of squeaking noise I didn’t know I had inside me, whilst my husband rang me to tell me that he had been SELECTED!!!! We are both in a Euphoric state. My husband said he wanted to leave everything at the shop and literally run home. His euphoric energy would probably only get him a few yards before his body told him the reality. However, he had to stay and see a customer. The word derives from Greek εὐφορία, “power of enduring easily, fertility”. So this sketch embodies exactly that.

Also, in Egypt they celebrate a year on from the revolution. My sister-in-law seems quite euphoric about the future for her children.  I must find out more from friends and family over there. It is also a close friends birthday. Happy Day! Euphoric Day in fact.