‘Big Questions’ for ‘I’ll Call you’. Art Swap featuring Sal Jones

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For the first time in four years of blogging I have lost a post I started. Must mean I didn’t save it which is odd because it usually does it automatically, doesn’t it? But even if it doesn’t I can’t believe I closed it without a reminder for me to save it, or that I even forgot to click the save draft button. Must have been the pre-cursor to the way I felt last night and this morning, not good. So I have had time to write today  from my bedroom, feeling a little under the weather but happy that the sun is starting to shine and it is teasing us with spring. The view from my window a painting in itself. But I digress….

All of this has nothing to do with what I want to write about today which is our first successful art swap. We successfully exchanged ‘The Big Question’:

The big question

‘The Big Question’

with ‘I’ll Call you’ by artist Sal Jones .

So today I am going to write a little bit about her work. It is interesting to see the links and comparisons between painting and sculpture and of course the obvious differences.

I'll Call you by Sal Jones, Oil on canvas

I’ll Call you by Sal Jones, Oil on canvas

Sal Jones focuses on exploring colour and form expressively, aiming to engage the viewer with visually exciting work. Many of her paintings use bold and vibrant colours as my husband’s sculpture usually does. However, The Big Question, above is simple monochrome. I think you can tell when as artist is thinking about the way a viewer might interact with their finished work. It gives a more complete piece of work somehow.

The heightened use of colour adds emotional and expressive dynamic to the work. Many of her pieces have a vivacious quality to them. This one a little more muted, with moody blue tones adds to the story and the suggestion of a dark tunnel ahead.  For me having had a little experience in painting I love the gestural brush marks and the layers of colours. I also am fascinated by the way the suggestive marks give rise to the folds and forms of the fabric. So the light and dark make this piece.

Here is the painting hanging in our hallway, like it was painted to be there. The first things I see when I come out of my room.


‘I’ll Call you’ by Sal Jones

As the figure is walking away you can almost put yourself in the painting. “By taking an isolated image out of context and using the dialogue as the images title – I’m hoping to create a friction or ambiguity in the reading of the image interpreted in different ways by different viewers depending on their personality and viewpoints and what they bring to their understanding of the subject”. I really appreciate this factor.

Interpretation is everything and an important part of my husband’s work too. Much of Sal Jones’ work features portraits which although I like and she describes more as ‘character studies’, in our small terrace house I don’t think hanging the face of someone would really work. Where as this piece has an abstraction to it because the figure can be anyone, I also like that it is a full figure as many of my husband’s pieces are the female form so there is lovely link there.

Indeed, both the sculpture and the painting tell a story. Like a pictorial book we are invited to create our own words for the images we see. Jones herself states that she is “interested in capturing moments of expression that portray the human psyche, of blurring the boundary between fact and fiction; also in the relationship between the title and image.” Titles are everything, as I said in my last entry about my husband’s laconic titles very different from some of the long-winded titles of many modern minimalist pieces. Sal Jones’ titles are the stories themselves, inspirational points for an aspiring writer.

So we are privileged to have a unique and precious painting on our landing and if you want to see her work you can do from next week at Espacio Gallery . Click the link to another blog entry about the gallery, as my husband has also exhibited there.

Sal Jones exhibits in:

Y Not?
31 March – 5 April 2015
Private View: Thursday 2 April 6-9pm
An exhibition in aid of International Women’s Day.


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Espacio is Spanish for ‘space’ (as in distance between objects). It is interesting how the space a gallery has can aid the whole exhibition. My husband felt that this was one of the most successful opening events he had been to. The space literally aiding the event, people were comfortable,  air conditioning,enough room to view the work.  It is only on for a few more days, I had hoped to put this up still in September but the months are flying past. Back down on Wednesday again to collect the work and hey-ho we are in October already. There is not enough ‘space’ (as in intervals of time) in the day to get everything I want to do done. Yet I recall a few hours ago standing by the window, looking out wondering what to do with myself. A little bit like the ‘Mother and child’ in the window of the gallery. http://www.espaciogallery.com/

Face to Face

Colour, Exhibitions, Galleries, Mother and Child, Relationships

‘Black & White’

‘Mother & child’

‘The girl next door’

 There is something so much more wholesome about speaking to another face to face. I am the worst person for having a conversation with over the telephone, it involves speaking. One can’t rely on the subtleties of facial expression for the acknowledgement that you are listening. I am also not that great in a group, I find it difficult having snatched conversations and can get distracted by the fact that others are around. So face to face is definitely my preference. So what do I think of face time? I am not quite sure I have fully grasped what it is yet. I have used Skype on occasion but still I think I prefer in the flesh.

Having advocated all the social networking media for promoting yourself as an artist, we are finding that if my husband actually goes into a physical gallery in person, or meets a gallery owner at an opening in person then he is more successful. He has a presence that is hard to convey by the written word especially as it is translated twice before it gets anywhere!

I have also changed the face of this page, I am not too sure about it yet, I felt in need of the change but it is still not quite right. Work in progress. I have had the time to play around with the setting as my husband has been in London again this week. This time with some appointments at galleries. So things are moving forward, albeit slowly.

Tonight is the preview of Face to Face at Espacio Gallery, 159 Bethnal Green. An exhibition exploring portraiture and is on until October 2nd. I could go into more depth about each piece and portraiture but I’ve faced the computer enough these last two evenings.