Last year I began the year very organised with full year calendar and planning, dates in the diary. This year I haven’t even got a 2014 calendar yet. My husband has been as busy as ever, making and creating where as I feel I have ground to a halt and hibernated for far too long. I have slowed down almost to a stand still and feel sluggish and most sloth like. I don’t know if I have a kind of writers block but I am struggling to write, to find time to write.

The new collection of work my husband has been working on is stunning. Visually electric with colour , the shapes and balance have a wow factor. The links to previous work are still there but it’s a slightly different style. Actually it’s an old design from a sketch book from years ago and a maquette he made from wood which we had outside our house for a while. It was always one of my favourite styles. So I am really happy we now have a set of three under the theme of ‘The beginning’. I need to begin to start to rejuvenate myself and start a new beginning.

This one is ‘The Kiss’ a contemporary, modern version of a theme explored by sculptors and artists since ‘the beginning‘. This week is ‘valentine’s’, not something I want to dwell on as I think it is a commercial gimmick. However, it is important to remember the importance of ‘the kiss’ each and every day when we give our children kisses, our parents and our loved ones. It brings about a sense of peace and happiness. So begin the day with a kiss.


‘The Kiss’

kiss from front

‘The Kiss’ appearing in the shadow

Stung by a wasp and butterfly cakes

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I have a feeling of foreboding or a sense that something isn’t quite right at the moment and I can’t seem to shake it. Yesterday, whilst dropping off my eldest son another Mum said I looked pained.  I decided to go for a quick run despite my little boy oddly saying to me that he didn’t want me to go for a run whilst he was at nursery. I was feeling a bit slow and lethargic when suddenly I had a stab in my arm, looked down and saw a wasp fly off my jumper. It had pierced its venom through two reasonably thick layers. Oh the agony! Now I was pained. I ran home and searched for an antidote. vinegar. Sugar. Ice.

I then had 18 cupcakes to make for my father. After quickly making, I dashed off to pick my little boy up to then drop him at our shop with my husband before driving to foggy Bradford for paint for sculptures. Returning in the pouring rain to pick up three boys and take them home. I finished decorating the cupcakes with coloured sugar butterflies amongst keeping the boys entertained with Lego, bashing on overturned pans as a drum set, printing out delivery notes for sculpture to Wells, phone calls from my husband to ask whether it was worth taking the sculpture to Wells at all. I feel I am zipping around like a stunned angry wasp and can’t get an aura of calmness. So this is more about me and less about sculpture. All in a day as a sculptors wife.This morning, however we found out that ‘The Toy’ has been selected for an exhibition in London at the beginning of next month but more logistics to sort out.

I am also plenty aware that so many more women out there including my mother, my sister, my friends have much busier mornings, more frantic structures to the day, frenetic exchanges and impending deadline. “I just don’t know how they do it”. I am finding ‘my rush hour’ in the morning makes my day feel like I am trying to catch the calmness of the floating butterfly for the rest of the day. So this sculpture is to forget the angry wasp and send out a smile to all those having busy days and to finding a moment to catch a butterfly.

freedom of speech

A third of the sculpture ‘Freedom of Speech’


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Just noticed that SHE is the first three letters of SHENDI, which has nothing to do with the name of the exhibition. Shendi is the name of a town in northern Sudan, situated on the east bank of the Nile River 150 km northeast of Khartoum. I don’t know if the family name traces back to the town but it does have a certain ring to it. When I first met my husband my brother was only 14 and took it on as a nickname, not quite sure exactly why. I debated for a while about taking the name on, in Egypt woman don’t take the husband’s name, they keep their father’s name. All to do with lineage rather than belonging to a man, fascinating.

The exhibition  is simply ‘SHE’ as in, female, woman, girl. It is a joint exhibition with the delicate painter  Anu Samarüütel which nicely compliments the solid sculptures of ‘Shendi. My husband went to set up today on this sunny day after a busy day. I will upload some of the set up pictures on my new facebook page ‘The Sculptors Wife’. The colour used by both artists is uplifting and cheerful. Anu has strong links with fashion and design as does my husband’s work. I hope I can get over and see it, the exhibition will run for  a month at Red Brick Mill, Batley.

red she

‘The Keyhole man’ guarding the door for the SHE exhibition!

Sculpture is a painting…

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‘Night Watch’

‘The thinker’


Frank Stella wisely noted that ‘a sculpture is just a painting cut out and stood up somewhere’, this statement can be justly applied to Sam Shendi’s work. His work explores the relationship between vertical and horizontal and the interplay of gravity whilst simultaneously exploring the human figure.

The Egyptian influences are clearly visible in his work, hidden symbolism of obelisks, sun-balls or eggs, also with the illumination in bright colours. The physicality of the material, the cut out steel is reduced to the essential parts, nothing is extraneous, and all is elemental. This refined approach to sculpture means Shendi has the artistic ability, the technical know-how to capture the very nature of things.

 Based on architectural forms and modernist morphology he brings in a twist of fun and playfulness. The final finished works take a fine line between representation and abstraction. Sam minimizes the human figure through structure, strong verticals set against horizontals. This pure joy of colour, this delight in simple and clean lines means that the work is infused with a gentle humour and is designed to give pleasure, whilst being founded upon serious geometric principles.

Sam is a sculptor who has a sense of history, schooled at the prestigious Helwen University of Fine Arts in Cairo and has been commissioned to produce large-scale pieces for public spaces. His work is rich in references and constructed with the assured precision of a consummate craftsman.

Ben Austin

Weekly Window

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Weekly Window (click here to read)

I couldn’t put it better myself, so here is a link to Debut’s blog with admiration at Eva’s writing about this last Saturday’s event.

Three or Four P’s

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Is planning and organisation better than spontaneity? I can never decide, in my indecisive nature, I don’t think I am much of a planner but having children requires you to have some sense of routine. I believe as humans we do require some order and daily rituals. The negative side is when things don’t go to plan. Expectation is a heavy load. Read ‘Outside Air‘ about expectation.. I think I tend to procrastinate a lot, which is not great for organisation. I recently read that procrastination is associated with perfectionism. Is that good or bad? As in all things, balance is key. My husband does everything in the moment, now. He doesn’t procrastinate but it most probably a perfectionist.

As an artist my husband has a dual personality towards planning. In making his sculptures there is a sort of plan. He sketches, almost constantly. Then revises and choses to develop a certain piece. After it’s made the colour is then chosen. We currently have two new pieces sitting in our hallway. One of which was designed to be something but has since become something else. So there is always room for manoeuvre. We are having to be a bit more organised at the moment with his regular trips to London. He is on his way down again today. Since being selected as an artist with Debut Contemporary (currently curator’s pick if you go through to the link) he has featured in Candid Magazine, also been selected for The Other Art Fair and is having his work showcased on a large board outside BOXPARK  in London. This Saturday he is back down in London again for his Debut and Debut with his workshop. So it is a busy time.

In preparation for his workshop it has been interesting seeing how he has approached the planning side of things. Various email exchanged have happened to organise the curatorial side of his sculptures in the gallery. When he was first thinking about organising it, the worrier in him kicked in, he really started planning, went out and bought all the various equipment for what he was thinking of doing, had some great ideas. Then it went on hold. Now the spontaneous artist has appeared and what will happen on Saturday, who knows. Why not plan a visit to Debut Contemporary to find out …..

Saturday 21st April 2012 12-6pm


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'The Thinker'

Post, post stick, poster, post box…

Distracted by ‘the lollipop’ in my last post, I completely forgot my initial reason for ‘blogging’. So this post stick looking sculpture is a good reminder !

Imagine a poster for Northern England, a farmhouse nestled within rolling hills, surrounded by newly bleating bouncing lambs, sun shining and the daffodils a plenty, topped off with good old fresh air.  I returned from this idyllic scene, to reunite with my husband returning from London and his first Debut Contemporary mentoring session. Via the ipad I listened to the session. From posts to platforms and pinterest I was bombarded into another world of  SOCIAL MEDIA. I immediately thought of my hesitations about entering into this world, couldn’t write it better than ‘knowingthesphere’ (I Think bloggers are also connecting on the webs of thought).

While I sit thinking about things and weighing up the pros and cons, my husband just gets on with it. He has now a  twitter  and Pinterest, and we are both seeing the benefits of him being in this virtual world.  Unbeknown to me I had stumbled across pinterest before and not realised what it was. Like a  mood board it is a virtual pin board, way of collecting images. Great idea. A visual post. What happened to walking to the post box?

In the Spotlight

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Featured, Artist of the week here

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Entering the world of  YouTube !!

Black & White Invite

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This Wednesday, if you just happen to be in London….