Chocolate Eggs

Philosophy, Soul searching

I have an almost insatiable appetite for chocolate at the moment…(always!). I am not sure if there is any proof that chocolate warms you up. There is just something soothing about it when you are cold. We have been in, what feels like arctic conditions and last week-end we were literally snowed in. The boys and myself that is. My husband had gone to Switzerland to meet a gallery owner and spend time with a friend. Switzerland  conjures up images of snow, however it was warm. He didn’t bring back the sun but bars of gorgeous swiss chocolate. A lovely friend also gave me some chocolate, probably for the whole family but I am quickly working my way through it and in the shops it is the season for chocolate eggs. although the weather is not helping the ‘spring’ feel. My son had an ‘inventive’ egg decorating competition in school this week, it was a big thing for him especially as he was very aware of his Father winning a competition. So we had to have the ‘winning isn’t everything’ chat and that it is the taking part that counts. He   constrained himself to the ‘egg idea’, drew a fantastic hen and made a magical nest which had six decorated eggs in. I failed in taking a picture of it as it was a mission to get to school in the blizzard. His teacher humorously asked him, ‘Which came first? the chicken or the egg’? He very promptly replied ‘The Egg’.

'The Egg'

‘The Egg’

This Egg is the wooden under layer for the coloured painted eggs like the one I blogged about in ???? entry . Some people can remain the same old egg. Some people change. The grains in the wood make it look like an onion. Some say that this personal transformation work is like peeling layers of an onion.  Interestingly, there are 7 layers of an egg which parallels the 7 stages of transmission in my husbands First@108 public art work which is in the early stages of being made large-scale for the Royal British Sculptor Society. Rather than the idea of birth or rebirth it makes this egg more about the layers within us. We can shed the layers of our past, the insecurities and doubts of youth and as we grow in age and wisdom but physically diminish. The smoothness of our outer shell reformed into a new shape. I personally don’t believe in the  idea that we can be reborn but more that we are ever-changing, adapting, growing. We can change.

Challenges, Changes and Chocolate

Beautiful Bronze, Mother and Child
mother and child

‘Mother and Child’

Short and sweet today as this ‘Mother and Child’ piece has been written about before but it was one of the pieces damaged in the fire. It’s been highly polished to giving a golden shine. Sometimes things happen for the better even after something which isn’t so good. For some reason it makes me think of liquid chocolate. Maybe because it’s gold? Maybe more like golden syrup.I have totally over done the sugar today. Something to do with Pancakes and making a chocolate cake. My boy who doesn’t eat chocolate cake suggested we make one like the one in ‘Matilda’!. Great Treat though for my husband’s birthday which is today. I know many creative people born at this time of year. I wonder why that is?

I had started this entry a few weeks ago, but the challenge of writing and the challenge of running this year has not quite yet taken off. I blame the snow! The snow stage is hopefully  ending and spring will soon approach us. It so easy to blame something or someone else but the challenge is to master ourselves. The child in this sculpture is still a babe in arms and I am starting to feel this stage of motherhood is ending. It is sad, but change is inevitable. I love the baby stage but I see the next as giving me a little more time to master the challenge I set for myself. The motherhood challenge, well that is never-ending and answer to that is chocolate!

mother and c

‘Mother and Child’ restored (left side)