A rare moment

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My husband and I had a rare moment both together and also going to an opening at a local exhibition. Most exciting that it was to see his work in it and at a place where I have worked. His pieces looked fantastic in the space and it is amazing how the space around them makes them more impressive.

adam and E

‘Adam and Eve at Cartwright Hall’


‘The sperm’ and ‘The girl next door’ in Cartwright Hall


The work covered two long exhibition spaces on the first floor at Cartwright Hall Museum and there was a high standard and variety of   prints and paintings, one of which my husband spontaneously bought, a very blue oil landscape of Bradford with an industrial look and fantastic details and use of light. Apparently we are re-painting the living room for it to go on the chimney wall. Only then did it dawn on my husband that the work is in exhibition till January so we wouldn’t be taking it home with us there and then. Will give us time to get painting then!? Anyway plenty of time if you are local to go and take a look at the exhibition. I would definitely recommend taking a trip into Lister Park and visiting Bradford Open 2013. Well worth a look.

Sketching space 2

Children sketching the sculptures

There were few sculptures though, so my husband’s work took the floor space focus. I was really happy to see several children enjoying the work and sitting down in front of the sculptures sketching them. One of the boys who has been sketching came to see my husband and he gave him on of his brightly coloured cards with a sculpture on the front.  When we stood next to ‘Adam and Eve’ another boy came up to look at them, particularly liking the holes and said ” Have you seen the other one in the other room, it is like a ball and it’s got this shape (he pointed to the diamonds in ‘Adam’) going this way and he made lines from his ears. Then the boy said “Did you make it” and it felt like a rare moment of observing  child interacting and meeting with an Artist.