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This has been months in the making and just the first half of a short film about how my husband views imagination. The second half will go into more depth about how his imagination as an artist/sculptor works. Take a look and let us know what you think!

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Last week was London Design Festival and some of my husband’s work went down with designer Anthony Hartley‘s furniture. One of our digital prints was sold which was fantastic news! Anthony has a fantastic space in Haworth which my husband is now showing some of his work in, It is a great up and coming project which collaborates these two fantastic designers and others. They met at The other art fair but both work out of Yorkshire.

In my last entry I spoke of fashion and art and the same applies to design and art. where does one start and the other end? Sometimes the boundaries are blurred. In the same way my blogging boundaries are becoming a bit blurred. I am starting to have an internal debate about whether I should branch out and have a blog, for entries like this dedicated to what is happening in the world of Sam Shendi Sculptor , to be more factually about event and news and leave The sculptor’s wife to the entries of my own ramblings matching images of my husbands work. What do you think?

Evaluating and New Beginnings

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'Front Window'

'The Exhibition Chain Reaction 2011'

'A viewer'

With the exhibition over and the work back in store, we have had various conversations and discussions about how it went. There was an air of disappointment because nothing was sold but more so because there seemed to be a lack of publicity and the concerns we had had about the space after the first show were not improved on a second visit. However things were learnt, website to improve, a stronger sense of identity in terms of what work really represents ‘the sculptor’ and a realisation that we had to TRY a little harder.

In that vain, I am celebrating that I have actually kept blogging for a year and have just had my ‘first year blog evaluation’. I started writing with caution and almost with a secrecy which one year on has turned into my usual critical inner voice of, why can’t I write better? why can’t I get more style? How do I get more readers?, How do I get more comments?, How do I…etcetc. Over the New Year period I always find I become a bit melancholic coupled with the fact that it has rained almost constantly so my mood is permanently dampened. I start over analysing the past and then get a little bit fearful of the future. In a rather negative stance it does seem a bit more doom and gloom this year, the situation in Egypt is looking a bit dark, financially things don’t look great and hey ho we are another year older and I am still no further on choosing my own direction.

Following the exhibition we were a bit disheartened as to how to proceed into 2012 with enthusiasm. However, a promising opportunity has appeared and we are hopefully that something may come of it to push my husbands work in a better direction and gain more connections. It is amazing how something small can lift the spirits and we do have to start small sometimes (better diet, more exercise..starting very small at the moment), a walk with a friend, finishing a ‘first small novel’ with my son, baking a cake. Which, by the way to evaluate Herman was a delicious success until I then messed up my final mixture and lost the thread of continuing to have him permanently in the house. Good job really, would not have helped my new healthy diet to begin. So I will sign off and have a cup of tea and a chocolate bar!


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So whilst I am sat here writing, my husband is at the opening of the exhibition. I am eager to here all about it but also aware of all I have to do here. For some reason in his absence, I am using my cold as the reason for all things today, cleaning and tidying has gone out the window. I have been up since the crack of dawn and was fairly productive before we set off for school. However since then I have quite successfully eaten my way through the day with the mantra ‘feed a cold’ darting in and out of my head, sure you are not supposed to take that quite so literally. Well, in that vain I am thinking that I will use the rhubarb from the freezer and make a crumble. So I use a hammer to bash the ginger biscuits too much like hard work to get at the rolling-pin. I try to pour them into the pan with one hand, 16 month old baby on my hip with the other hand results in biscuits all over the cooker. Manage to scrap most of the crumbs into the pan and carry on with the recipe. Only a little later does it dawn on me that I have put all the sugar needed into the biscuit mixture when actually only two tablespoons were needed. Oh well, it’s all going in the same dish anyway I think as I step in the neatly swept pile of crumbs (and other food bits my toddler likes to throw around on the floor) not yet put in the bin. He is now dragging something sticky around the floor….great! the kitchen looks like something has exploded in it.

So sprawled out on the living room floor that looks like it’s been burgled we are ‘playing’ when there is a knock at the door. A friend of mine is at the door, I invite her in (despite the mess am I mad! I usually hurry around making everything spick span before anyone is allowed in – where have I inherited that from I wonder!) She can’t stop but leaves me with Herman.

The other day my husband came home early and I was upstairs and I was a little while getting to the stairs, in fact our baby was there shouting ‘baba’ before me which gave me the jitters. Don’t worry I got there in time, scooped him up and then came down stairs and noticed a puzzled expression on my husbands face as he pointed to the pair of large mens shoes neatly parked next to the sofa as if someone had taken them off. Is your brother here he asked? and I realised the slight concerned tone in his voice. Obviously I have never bought shoes as a gift before (not the most gift giving person ever) and I always think shoes is an odd present as it is so size and fitting specific. Anyway I totally shocked and relieved my husband with this welcome new gift.

My sort of point here is that although I am never too sure when my husband will be home day to day, the house is in some sort of order, maybe chaotic order but here I am sat writing when the kitchen still looks like something has exploded and it could quite easily me be next as the crumble didn’t go down to well with the boys and I seem to think it is ok to finish off the lot! Not only is the living room still a mess we have just done bath and bed time and I have neither the energy or inclination to set too on it.

So where is Herman in all of this are you wondering? Herman is not actually this digital piece although I feel he does look like Herman. This piece is hanging at the BRICK LANE GALLERY whilst Herman has quietly sat and observed the madness and messiness of the day.

He is supposed to sit on my worktop for the next ten days. I can’t put him in the fridge or he will die and if he stops bubbling he is dead. Herman the German Friendship cake is a sourdough cake. I have instructions for day 1 to 9 and then I have to split him into four and give three away to my friends. What a great idea!

So in a few days time I will be making more mess in the kitchen. It is a good job I am expecting my husband back tomorrow and not at the end of the exhibition on the 19th otherwise goodness knows what mess I would be in!


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December and cold, I have a cold. December and Exhibition time again. So I am at home alone feeling little bit sorry for myself! My husband left early this morning, thankfully no longer snowing, with his art work and his man with the van and set off to London.

This new Digital piece will be now very visible in 196 Brick Lane gallery window. So if you are bustling the busy streets in this December cold, in London and suddenly find yourself being watched by this very living looking face have a little wander inside to see some more of this new phase of work. or better still head to the opening tomorrow evening at 6pm!

The purpose of these works (more to follow) is to bring life to the sculptures using digital images, to show the intention for creating each piece, capturing the meaning behind the sculpture. Each work is printed on industrial material (acrylic) creating more depth to the image.

This body of work reflects the observations and experience of humanity in our time, to capture the moment that most of us are unaware of, or don’t stop to take time to appreciate. Situations which are happening to us all on a daily basis, and in a second when you stop and stare there is a translation of body language, emotion, expressions that give us a message. I have probably written that before as it is the thread through all the work he does.

I found it a real struggle today but I managed to just stop still under a duvet with a book this afternoon to rest and try to shift this head cold…….I recently read an article about how we have used antibiotics so much that they no longer really work. We use medication to treat illness as though it is a solution to a problem, we can easily mask it with medication and plow on. Sometimes there is a reason. Stillness is sometimes needed for our body to recover. So I am attempting to stay still……..