About Me

My name is Tamsin and I am ‘The Sculptor’s wife’ . My husband is an artist, primarily a sculptor Sam Shendi. He is Egyptian and so writing in English about his work is not something which comes naturally, so my ‘writing’ puts words to his pictures, so to speak. I decided to ‘blog’ ten years ago, to give me a direction into promoting my husband’s art work whilst giving me a creative outlet. It is now, also documenting his progress into the ‘art world’. I am a creative person but don’t have a huge about of time to practice as we have two beautiful boys keeping me busy.  So, I am writing some of my thoughts and philosophies about daily life alongside images of sculptures my husband has created. I also write a lot on my instagram account @thesculptorswife if you would like to follow me there also.

I hope you enjoy……




8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Wow! What a lot of deep thinking going on in that head of yours and a lovely sense of togetherness between you and your husband.

  2. You’re welcome. Here are some details that I should have put on my post, apologies. Create a new post on your blog in the same format as what you see on my award post where I have nominated you. Use the image of the award on your post as well. Say whatever you would like in the beginning and then just follow the four steps.
    1. list 11 things about yourself,
    2. answer the questions I have put at the bottom of my post,
    3. list 11 nominees you would like to pass the award onto and
    4. write 11 of your own questions you would like your nominees to answer.
    I hope I this has been helpful, if not, just let me know. Once you have finished, remember to notify your nominees that you have nominated them for the Liebster award and leave a link taking them to your post just like I did with you.
    There are a number of different awards out there and it is a great way to get to know each others blogs.
    Feel free to delete this comment once you have finished and don’t need it anymore, I won’t be offended, I promise.

  3. Your husband’s work is very inspiring. I am studying sculpture myself, love the process of creating in 3D and the challenges that come with it. I admire your willingness/ability to “stand back”, observing and documenting his work. Best wishes to you and your family.

  4. So, my new friend and nigh-doppleganger, one thing you do in addition to writing about your spouse’s art which I do not is watch your children. We have three boys, and my wife does most of the watching. I do lots of the laughing and wagging my head. I salute you.

    1. I like that word, doppleganger, been a while since I heard it. Thank you. I am in awe of your wife having three boys!! and being such a creative. Though I am sure you are doing a good job too 😉

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