Everything but the kitchen sink


Seven weeks of summer holidays! Means that any single ideas for blog posts I have had, have not made it to the ‘publish’ button.

We started the holiday with a rare family day out to Newby Hall  (first weekend of the holidays) to see the sculptures on site. With no prior planning we hadn’t realised it was also vintage car Raleigh day so it took a little longer to get there but thousands of cars to see in addition to ‘Baba’s sculptures’. We all went in ‘Baba’s car which was in itself an interesting experience. What is always good for me on these days out is how different we are in approaching ‘life’ and some practical issue are just so much easier done my husband’s way.


‘Mother and Child’ at Newby Hall

I write that in reflection as on our way back from taking Baba to the airport (nearly the end of week two) I took the boys to the (MOSI) Manchester Museum of Science and Industry. As I parked up literally outside the museum thinking it was rather lucky, we then had to search for the pay machine. I had just enough coins for two hours and had to take a moment to think. Was it worth moving the car to find a cheaper car park space and be able to have more time at the museum or take the risk of having only two hours using all my coins and the luxury of being right in front of the museum. I chose the latter (the kind of decision my husband wouldn’t even think twice about). Normally for some mad reason I usually choose the first kind of option. Two hours was plenty and being right next to the museum was definitely worth draining my coin supply.

wrapped at baden

‘Rare Breed’ by Sam Shendi at Baden Racing

We had several busy days whilst the sculptor was away which meant managing the shop, the boys and still doing fun holiday activities. The shop (our kitchen showroom Arabesque) was relatively straight forward for me to manage except for one issue I was having with a delivery for a customer. After several attempts at delivering a sink the company we were using kept getting it wrong. Hoping to have it sorted before the sculptor returned and setting off to Scotland, I practically wept when they said they couldn’t deliver it till the same day we were shutting shop.

After picking up the sculptor from the airport and rolling straight into an 11 hours drive up into the highlands packed up to the hilt, with to use the expression, ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ we got there to find a message from our fitter saying they had delivered the wrong sink AGAIN. I couldn’t believe it. So we started our holiday having to sort out the sink and ending it planning for Germany and Baden Baden.

baden 1

‘Racer’ at Baden-Racing

However, the holiday was relaxing and the sculptor used natural resources to create:


Ephemeral Art – Stone Sculpture in Scotland – Sam Shendi

stone sculpture

‘Seated figure’ by Sam Shendu

I am now sat, seated, after a summer of boys comparing scratches and scrapes they collected from bikes, scooters and blackberry bushes feeling a strange bunch of emotions. Wishing I could write about the kitchen sink painters, I wrote an essay on them once and have tried to dig it out but can’t find it. They painted about day to day reality. Would have made such a nice link to my kitchen sink story and my ‘kitchen sink’ kind of blog entry. However, If I don’t finish this off it’s going to be next summer and already we’ve starting the next series of projects. Must click publish.

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