Season’s Greetings

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I thought that once both boys were in school I would have more time to write, but it seems I have had more time to do everything else and even less time to write! I think this term has seen less entries than ever (not that I am counting). The art work keeps being produced by the ever busy sculptor. More meetings and contacts keep being made, making it a little confusing to know in what direction we are heading and who we need to help us. In some cases it is really clear and in others it’s hard to know who is taking the benefit.



The temperature dropped last week and so the sculptor is starting to freeze. However, we are all a little giddy at the moment getting ready for a first big holiday to Egypt in four years. In fact, the last time we were away was when I hatched the idea for this blog. This week I have been writing various emails and on the notice we’ve put on the shop door adding “Seasons Greetings”. My husband asked me what it meant…. I was a little stumped. It is of course a spoken or written greeting commonly used before or during the Christmas holiday. Then, true to form with my grammatical errors I discovered  it isn’t seasons greetings, it’s ‘season’s greetings’. In Western cultures the late autumn and early winter contain a number of holidays associated with the ideals of peace, plenty, the joy of family and friends and the spread of goodwill and understanding. Season’s Greetings is a phrase which encompass all of this as wish of all these good things from the speaker to the person they are addressing.


‘The Studio’

4 years writing and 4 years of waiting to return to the waters of the Nile, we fly of to Africa where we will be saying ” greetings of peace” to people. I wish you all a ‘Happy Holiday’ and greetings of peace, joy and goodwill and many thanks for reading this journal of sorts over the last 4 years.


‘New work, part of collection – more about it in 2015’


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