Colour, Exhibitions

It’s London Fashion week, (so probably also in New York too..right?) I wouldn’t have known except for making the connection between the title of my husbands group exhibition this coming week. (Preview this evening) It’s just fashion baby, get over it! on at the Interchange Gallery London. There is a merging of fashion and art and also a dividing. The vocabulary, the networking, the ambition, the ‘worlds’ that fashion and art seem to create; a parallel reality. Like the way of life in London in comparison with Yorkshire.

My husband just called to tell me all about the preview, the setting was an exclusive hairdressers where he was shocked to see that a man’s hair cut would cost practically 10 times what it would do here. The vast difference between city and rural Yorkshire prices. Left wondering what they would do with his closely cut crop…he asked if there would there be a discount??? (Not that he was getting a cut this evening) Hard to imagine how an exhibition works in an alternative setting but it seems very much in vogue at the moment. The chatter and the buzz I could hear behind him, the hive of activity of cafe and restaurants open also contrasts with the silence I hear outside. Lots of men in suits he observed (perhaps those are the ones affording the overpriced coiffure cuts and most probably many people dressed in high fashion, affording it at what cost?

Think I would look a bit odd going to my play in the wood sessions in a Maria Grachvogel pair of trousers!

( The Girl Next Door )

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